Privacy Policy

  1. What is personal information?
    Personal information is:
    (1) information in a consumer report; or
    (2) an individual’s first name or initial and last name in
    combination with any of the following:
    (a) birth date;
    (b) social security number or other government issued
    identification number;
    (c) mother’s maiden name;
    (d) unique biometric data (fingerprint, voice print, retina
    (e) unique electronic identification number our routing code;
    (f) telecommunication access devices including debit or credit
    card information; or
    (g) financial institution account or information.
    A consumer report is a report related to a person’s credit
    worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general
    reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living prepared
    by or obtained from an agency that collects such information
    such as a credit reporting
  2. How is personal information collected?
    This company obtains personal information in the following
    (1) in consumer reports from reporting agencies to which this
    company subscribes in connection with lease applications, loan
    applications, or for other reasons that the consumer may
    authorize this company to obtain;
    (2) in lease applications a prospective tenant completes;
    (3) in loan applications a borrower or buyer completes;
    (4) in other real estate related forms the customer or client
    completes in or related to a transaction; and
    (5) in tax reporting forms that the customer or client is required
    to complete and which are given to this company.
    When completing the forms required above, the customer or
    client may send the information to this company by mail, fax,
    personal delivery, or by e-mail. Customers or clients may
    occasionally provide personal information to this company or its
    agents by other means such as telephone calls, fax messages, or
    e-mail messages in order expedite a transaction in which the
    customer or client is involved
  3. How and when is the personal information used?
    Personal Information from Prospective Tenants: The personal
    information that prospective tenants provide to this company is
    primarily used to obtain consumer reports (credit checks). It may
    also be used to perform background checks and rental history
    searches. The information in the consumer reports may be
    discussed with landlords for whom this company manages
    property. This company also reports information to credit
    reporting agencies and uses personal information to complete
    those reports.
    Personal Information from Owners of Properties Managed by
    the Company:
    When this company acts as a property manager for a property
    owner, the company uses the property owner’s personal
    information only: (a) to deliver the required management
    (b) to file any required reports with governmental agencies (for
    example, the IRS); or
    (c) for other purposes the property owner may authorize.
    Personal Information from Clients:
    When this company represents a person (buyer, seller, landlord,
    or tenant) in a transaction the agent servicing the client may, on
    the client’s behalf and at the client’s instruction, convey
    personal information he or she provides to the agent to service
    providers (for example, mortgage lenders and title companies)
    as those service providers may require for the products or
    services the client needs or requests. If this company represents
    a prospective tenant in a lease transaction, the personal
    information may, on the tenant’s behalf and with the tenant’s
    knowledge, be discussed with and provided to landlords or their
    agents. This company and its agents exercise reasonable
    discretion when discussing any personal information with
  4. How is the personal information protected?
    Written files in this company are protected under lock and key.
    Electronic records are protected under an access name and
    password assigned to persons in this company.
    This company and its agents exercise reasonable discretion
    when discussing any personal information with others and
    releases personal information to others only as described by this policy.
    This company does not permit its employees or agents to make
    copies of consumer reports or records of insurance claims. The
    consumer reports retained in the company’s files are not to be
    accessed in the future as a convenience to customers or clients.
    The individual agents that work with this company are
    independent contractors and the agent with whom a customer
    or client works with may maintain a separate transaction file.
    The company instructs its agents to not permit other persons to
    access the personal information in files the agents maintain. The
    company instructs its agents to protect the personal information
    in the agents’ files in the same manner as described in this
  5. Who has access to the personal information?
    The following persons have access to personal information in
    this company’s files:
    (1) the agent or broker who is servicing or coordinating the
    (2) the office manager to whom the agent reports; and
    (3) the owner of the company.
    Property owners for whom the company manages properties do
    not have access to personal information in the company’s files.
    However, the company and its agents may discuss the
    information in a tenant’s consumer report or lease application
    with a property Model Privacy Policy: 05-28-2013 Page 4 of 4
    owner. Copies of such information are provided to the landlord
    (1) with the tenant’s consent; or
    (2) if the company ceases to be the property manager and the
    landlord requests that the files be sent to the landlord, the
    landlord’s attorney, or the new property manager.
    Personal information from a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant
    may be discussed with others (such as mortgage lenders or
    prospective landlords) only as is reasonably necessary to
    negotiate or close the transaction or to provide the services the
    customer or client seeks from this company.
    This company may, at the customer’s or client’s request, provide
    personal information to service providers in a transaction such
    as a title company or mortgage company if it is necessary to
    expedite or complete a transaction.
    If the company is required by law to allow others to access the
    personal information in the company’s files, the company will
    comply with the law (for example, compliance with court orders,
    subpoenas, or governmental investigations). The company will
    also allow law enforcement agencies access to personal
    information in order to cooperate with such investigations.
  6. How is the personal information disposed?
    This company uses reasonable measures to dispose of personal
    information. Personal information is usually disposed of by
    shredding or burning documents, erasing electronic files by
    means that make the files unreadable or undecipherable, or by
    eradicating personal information from documents or electronic
    files in ways that make the personal information unreadable.
  7. Erroneous Records:
    If this company erroneously reports information to a consumer
    reporting agency, the company will act to correct the
    information in the company’s records and request the reporting
    agency to correct the information in its records promptly after
    the company has learned and determined that the report was in
    If this company maintains an erroneous record that a consumer
    has issued a dishonored check, the company will promptly
    delete the record after the company and consumer agree that
    the information is in error or after the consumer provides the
    company with a law enforcement agency report stating that the
    dishonored check was not authorized.

    Notice: This company asks any person who provides personal information to this company or one of its agents to identify the information at that time as “personal information”. 

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