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How To Get Started As A Real Estate Agent In Texas

When it comes to starting a new career as a real estate agent in Texas, we understand that the process can be exciting and extremely challenging for you all at once. We want you to also understand that real estate isn’t a get rich quick type of career and shouldn’t be treated as such. It is a career that can provide you a high-income that is uncapped as well as providing you with an exciting lifestyle. Above all, it will be up to you create that high income if you’re willing to work hard and reap the rewards or if you will fail.  Whether you’re about to take the real estate exam to become licensed, or you’re now an agent and in the position to close your first deal, here are a few tips we believe you should implement to become successful in the long term.

real estate agent in texasHave Your Personal And Business Expenses in Check

Real estate should be treated as a business, not as a job. The most important thing when you’re heading into this business venture is to have your personal and business finances in order. All of the top real estate agents in Texas have a grip on their allocated budget as well as having a handle on their expenses and their projected revenues from their deals. If you’re looking to become a real estate agent in Texas, you will need to accumulate around $2,500 to get started. This will include your licensing and exam classes, MLS setup fees, your business and marketing material for your listings and much more. Be sure you can cover your living expenses and have funds for your real estate career when you need it for it will take some time for you to get your first commission check when you close your first deal.

Find Yourself A Mentor As Soon As Possible

Every single successful real estate agent in Texas had a mentor to coach them on avoiding the common mistakes and bad habits that new real estate agents make. You’ll need a mentor with many years of experience in the field as well as a brokerage whose main objective is to help you generate income.  In this industry, anticipate that it’s going to be a dog-eat-dog world out there at first and you will need all the help you can get from an experienced professional. In your mentorship, it is best to provide value to your mentor by treating them to lunch or coffee and to also assist in their day to day activities such as hosting an open house, taking clients to listings, etc…

Develop a Solid Marketing Plan – Online and Offline

It is important to allocate money to your marketing expenses (online/and or offline) to bring awareness to your inner circle as well as your market for your listings. In addition, you will need a personal website to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in real estate and your dedicated, prospecting location in Texas.  From business cards to postcards, flyers, brochures, and websites, you will have to make well-informed decisions about where to spend your money in marketing yourself and your client’s properties.


If you’re looking to become a licensed real estate agent in Texas, we believe in our hearts that we are the right brokerage for you to build up your career. When you’re ready to join our team, please click here to request a scheduled interview with our brokers Jacob Neely and Tom Horton today.

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